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Success in the drayage industry for carriers, dispatchers, owner operators, and fleet owners requires understanding the intermodal process and its origins. To survive working in the intermodal transportation industry, you must understand the many aspects of intermodal shipping. If your goal is to run a successful intermodal and drayage carrier business, Surviving Intermodal, in combination with our detailed online course, will guide you in this endeavor.

Course Curriculum

    1. Welcome to the Surviving Intermodal Academy

    1. Introduction to Intermodal and the Drayage Industry

    2. How Intermodal Transport Works

    3. Why Every Nation Needs A Port

    4. Drayage Carriers

    5. Quiz

    1. How To Set Up A Drayage Carrier

    2. Create a Business Plan

    3. Legally Establish Your Company

    4. Carrier Registration

    5. Quiz

    1. Intermodal Vocabulary

    2. Quiz

    1. Chassis

    2. Types Of Chassis

    3. Top Chassis Providers

    4. Properly Securing a Container on a Chassis

    5. Quiz

    1. Port Systems

    2. Customized Local Port Portal

    3. Quiz

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